Welcome to StageJobsy!

  • By Terrence Williams
  • Published on July 8, 2023

If there's one thing we have noticed in the live entertainment job market, it's that there is literally no UNIFORM way of finding your next gig. Job postings are piecemeal, some here, some there, and often on sites that are completely disorganized or just some random social media post.

We are here to help provide a unified place to find job postings worldwide for live entertainment technical positions. Obviously, it takes time to grow a site and that's where you come in -- help us out by building a quick profile or sharing a link for someone to post a job -- yes, there is an intention of monetizing the postings eventually (in order to pay our server costs), but for now, posting is free and very much welcome.

It is our sincere intention that everyone will find a benefit from StageJobsy - even you!